How can your business benefit from a financial dashboard?

October 24, 2012

business dashboard

What is a finantial dashboard?

First of all, what is a financial dashboard? A financial dashboard is a screen, usually in a financial software application, that would display the financial data of a business in graphical form.  It might sound like a trendy concept but in reality it holds major benefits to small business owners.

Business financial data in a graphical way

A financial dashboard can be a great tool as it displays a general overview of business financial data in very graphical and appealing way, making it easy for any business owner to view the current state of a business at any moment without having to print reports or update spreadsheets. By having all important business information in one screen we can be better informed and thus make better business decisions.

All your business financial data in place

A financial dashboard might be different from one financial application to another but basically all should have an overview of all business financial information. Cashflow, for instance, displays the list bank accounts, account receivables, accounts payables, an income and expense graph, a calendar with the upcoming financial activity and an expense tracker right from the dashboard page.

Quick overview of your business situation

If you are on the go and don’t have time to have a detailed check of your business finances, by just view the financial dashboard you can have a complete overview of your business situation.

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