Mobile Phone: An essential tool for your business

October 24, 2012


How can a phone help my business?

Your mobile phone is probably the tool you use most in your life; it goes with you everywhere you go. Every day more a more business people are finding a mobile phone to be an essential tool for business communication and other important business task.

But how can a phone help my business?

Voice communication

By design a mobile phone is the best voice communication tool to date as you can call anyone from anywhere at any time. This enables you to always be communicated with key people in your business, like colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Also trends suggest that more and more entrepreneurs and small businesses are running from homes, share spaces and coffee shops. With the current technologies and tools like mobile phones you can run your operation from a seat in Starbucks.

Access to email, web browsing and applications

Now days mostly all mobile phones have internet access as part of their service plan. This is a great improvement from legacy cellphones, now you can have email, browse the web or access mobile internet enable or web application right from your phone. For instance, you can quickly browse a prospect’s website to get profile information right before meeting them, or send an email while on your way to another location.

With electronic maps and GPS features available on most modern phones you can look for addresses on the map or use your phone as a guide to get to where you need to go. You can also locate your clients on the map and arrange meeting times in a favorable times and routes.

Business productivity

Any modern mobile phone holds as much power as a entry laptop and more power than NASA when they put a man on the moon.  With all this technological power in your hands you have all sorts of utilities and applications design to improve business productivity.  From email, calendar, chats, social networking to accounting and invoicing apps like Cashflow you have all the tools needed to run your business from anywhere.

Mobile phones might be a trending topic, but they sure are a great business tool for any business. That’s why we wanted to bring Cashflow to your mobile phone, enabling you to be connected to your business financials even when you’re out of the office.

Try Cashflow for Free, it only takes 60 seconds and take advantage of having your business finance on the go.