Pad devices, are they any good for business?

October 24, 2012

Pad devices

Pad devices are becoming very popular today and also a trendy technology item, but why wouldn’t it. You hold more power in your Pad device than NASA on the Apollo 11 mission. This in turns becomes an excellent business tool with tons of features and apps that helps your business’ productivity.

Handy tools for every business

We use pad devices all day, every day and we feel they are very handy tools for every business; it’s lighter and more compact than a laptop and runs longer, quitter and cooler. Aside from its techy look and neat styling Pad devices can greatly improve productivity.

You can check your email, engage your audience in social networks or read a business article in just 2 or 2 finger touches. I currently own an Ipad and I used it every day for email, chat, video conferencing, calendaring, notes taking, social network engagement, business and technology reading, audio books, video training, and other activities we do every day on our business.

More productive when you’re on the go

It became evident that even though the current state of pad devices are still not quite at the level of a desktop or laptop computer, pad devices are a lot more productive when you’re going to client meetings, presentations  or when you are on the run.

 Cashflow tailored to Pad devices

As invoicing and accounting are task we normally do every day on our business we decided to develop a web version of Cashflow tailored to Pad devices. It will enable you to manage your business finances, make invoices, get reminders, pay expenses and view you bank accounts all from your pad device. So even though Pad devices are trendy items, they do hold a lot of business productivity power.

Try Cashflow for Free, it only takes 60 seconds and take advantage of having your business finance on the go.