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We organize all your accounts

By having accounts for customers, suppliers, expenses and banks all in one place, you can cross off more on your to-do list on just one screen. Why waste time learning different commands and navigating through countless applications when you can find it all in one place with Cashflow?

Import and Save Time

Import and Save Time

Get started using Cashflow faster by importing your contacts, suppliers and products in a few simple steps with our import tool. Adding new customers, suppliers and product offerings as your business grows is also quick and easy.

All Your Bank Accounts

All Your Bank Accounts

Stop browsing to different websites or toggling between a seemingly endless array of tabs by displaying all of your financial accounts in one place. Quickly check the balances and see a graphical representation of balance trends for your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investments.

Chart of Accounts

Accounting Features

Make your accounting as simple as possible with custom expense accounts and business assets tracking. What could take hours to find in complicated accounting software programs is accessible in seconds.