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Configure your business

As your company continues to grow and succeed, changes in your organizational structure and personnel are to be expected. Making changes to your company information, your logo and access to Cashflow can be done all in one place, so that you can easily customize the program to continue to fit your needs.

Control Who Has Access To Your Account

Control Who Has Access To Your Account

Control who has access to your financial information and protect your business. Tough security controls limit access to your account to only those that you authorize. Custom permission levels dictate how much your employees can see and edit when they log into the system.

Brand Your Invoice and Quotes

Brand Your Invoice and Quotes

Build your brand by customizing your quotes and invoices. By adding your logo and slogan, you'll build brand recognition with your customers and prospects, making easy, free marketing.

Tax Configuration

Configure Tax Information

Simplify adding sales tax and other applicable taxes by configuring Cashflow to automatically add them to every invoice. Automating the tax assessment process helps ensure that you fully comply with local, state and federal regulations with every order.