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All of your business financial data in one page

Consolidate all your business financial data into one single page. View your bank accounts, business cash flow, transaction calendar and expense tracking features all in the same page.

Business financial information

The dashboard is the heart of Cashflow and lets you see all of your business financial data on just one page. Stop wasting time by having your bank accounts, cash flow for the current month, a transaction calendar, expense tracking and accounts payables and receivables all in one place.

Your bank accounts in the Dashboard

All Your Bank Accounts in One Place

With the bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investments accounts all displayed in the dashboard, checking your balance and latest transactions takes just seconds. You'll never have to flip between tabs or navigate to multiple websites again.

Business financial data

Real Time Business Financial Data

Thanks to real time reporting, you can see the current state of your cash flow and track cash flow trends without having to learn a complicated graphing software app. Your financial data is automatically populated with changes occurring as they happen, ensuring accuracy.

Upcoming transactions

Upcoming Transactions

Never pay another late fee or forget to send an invoice again by relying on the built-in transaction calendar. Upcoming transactions for the next 15 days are displayed right on the dashboard, so that you can plan your billing and check-writing accordingly.

Business spending trends

Business Spending Trends

Track spending and see the biggest drains on your cash flow in seconds with the expense tracking section. The bar graph format lets you spot where you're over-spending without having to crunch numbers.