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Expense Section

You can make millions in revenue per year and never see a profit if you don't carefully track your spending. In the expense section of Cashflow, you'll be able to add and pay your bills, configure a monthly budget, create bill reminders and spot spending trends to ensure accuracy and effectively manage where your money's going.

Business Expense Overview

Business Spending Overview

In seconds, you can identify your highest spending categories, recognize business spending trends and predict whether or not you'll finish out the month within budget. Information is easy to interpret and displayed all in one page to eliminate all the hassle from expenditure tracking.

Bill reminder

Pay Bills on Time and Save Money

Stop paying late fees by never missing another due date. The expenses calendar will remind you of upcoming bills, so that you can pay on time, every time.

Event Reminder

Never Forget Important Dates

Eliminate countless Outlook reminders and messages on your tablet, computer or phone by recording all of your important finance-related dates for collections and bill payment in the built-in calendar.