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Income Section

Income is the fuel that runs your business, and Cashflow gives you the tools to dramatically simplify the invoicing and billing process. Make quotes, convert them to invoices and print or send them to your customers quickly and accurately with the income section. You can even automate your billing process for recurring monthly services to save even more time.

Clients and Services

Costumers and Products

Have a new customer or a recent addition to your lineup of product and services? The billing feature allows you to add both without the hassle of having to navigate away from a bill-in-progress.

Quick customer selection

Quick Customer Selection

Find your customers in seconds by simply starting to type a name with the billing search feature. You won't ever have to strain your eyes or fumble with long drop-down lists again.

Easy product search

Quick Product Search

Populate your bill with products and services rendered just by typing. Whether your business has dozens, hundreds or thousands of products, you'll be able to find the right one quickly.

Add to calendar

Add to Calendar

Never forget to collect payments from your customers again. Add your invoices to the transaction calendar and be reminded of due dates and notified of the need for collections.