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Is Cashflow reliable, secured and confidential?

We take all the necesary precautions to keep your information safe and secure. Our servers have secured encryption SSL certificates installed (Secure SSL 256bit) and we make daily security checks to our platform (with Hacker Safe).

Do you make backup copies of the data store in Cashflow in case of an emergency?

We make backups of all the data several times a day.

Do you provide support for users?

Yes, all our plans include chat support during business hours and email support 24/7.

Are there any Sign up fees, termination fees or any hidden costs associated with Cashflow?

Absolutly not, there are no sign up fees, no termination fees, just pay for what you use and you can cancel at anytime.

Is there a limit to the number of invoices I can make?

Only on the Free and Lite plans, the Pro, Plus and Max plans have unlimited number of invoices.

What if I need more users or add more customers?

In this case all you need to do is upgrade your plan. Upgrading your plan is easy and requires only a click of a button.

How many people in my business can simultaneosly use Cashflow?

This depends on your current plan, you are limited to the number of users avaliable in your current plan. If you need more, just upgrade.

What happends if I don't renew on time?

In this case, on login you'll be prompted with the option to upgrade, but your account will be frozen until you do so.

Can I cancel my account at any moment?

Yes, there is no commitment, we would appreciate your comments and the reason you are leaving.

Can you customize Cashflow for me?

Unfortunally no, Cashflow is a service shared and use by other members, son any changes to you will also affect others. But you can help us improve Cashflow by sending us Feature Requests.

Can I try Cashflow before paying?

Sure, all plans include a 30 Day Free Trial, there's nothing to lose. Get your Free 30 Day Trial in just 60 seconds.